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Algebra 1 Review Student Edition

Available for: iOS, Android

Introducing Algebra 1 Review


Algebra 1 Review Student Edition was designed to help students practice algebra 1 skills. It has been broken down into 10 categories and each category has 4 mini games to play while you're reviewing. There is no time limit, so answer the questions at your own pace. Also, don’t worry if you get a low score your first time, you can always study and come back and try again. Each time you will get different questions to keep you challenged. Take each category as many times as you need until you master it, then move on to the next. Once you have mastered all the categories, you are ready for the test, which includes 50 questions. 

Please note if Teachers id is used to share scores an internet connection is required.

10 Categories
4 different mini games 
Share your scores with teacher 
Unlimited retakes
App keeps track of your progress
50 question Final Test
Bonus Level 

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