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Grade It Now Teacher Edition

Available for: iOS, Android, Chrome

Introducing Grade It Now


Do you have multiple choice tests, quizzes, or assignments? If so, then Grade It Now is for you! Grade it now is a revolutionary new app that can instantly grade any multiple choice assessment with between 2 and 6 answers. Grade It Now even grades standardized tests with alternating alphabet rows. Do you have multiple answers? Grade It Now can do that too! You also have the option to set a time limit. When the time is up, the app automatically submits students’ answers at that point. If you want to allow multiple attempts, this is also an option.

Create an account by clicking on Register Now the first time you use the app. Here you will pick a Teacher ID, which you will give to students. Next you can start creating as many assessments as you need. Assessments can quickly be created in minutes by entering a few fields and filling out the answer key. The name of the assessment will be the Assessment ID. You can also edit and delete assessments as needed. 

On the free student edition, students will need to enter their name, Teacher’s ID, and Assessment ID. Now they will be able to select and submit their answers. Once answers have been submitted, students will instantly receive their results, including the number of questions correct, the percent correct, and the questions they missed.

On the teacher edition, you will be able to view all data broken down by assessment. Then you have the option to view the data by class period or view all classes combined. Data can be viewed for each individual student or you can also compare the questions. All data can be emailed to you for use in Excel, Numbers, Sheets, or a similar program. 

• Instantly grade multiple choice assessments
• Create unlimited assessments 
• Teacher and students will instantly receive results
• Data broken down by assessment
• All data can be exported
• Saves time and paper!

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