Hidden Objects Christmas Around The World
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Hidden Objects Christmas

Available for: iOS Devices, Google Play, Amazon

Introducing Hidden Objects

Christmas Around the World


Hidden Objects Christmas Around the World is a game which will be enjoyed year after year by all aged 5 to 105! It's crammed full of fabulous Hidden Object scenes! In this sensational Christmas game, you explore 6 different countries to see how christmas is celebrated around the world, From the evil Krampus to the tio de nadal in Catalonia.


Unlike on the Hidden Object Games, Hidden Objects Christmas Around the World randomly chooses which objects you need to find. Making for a different experience every time you play, and with 3 different ways to find things by Picture, Silhouette, or Word the levels will never seem the same again!


You can explore America, North Pole, Germany, Austria, Norway, and Catalonia. Each their own unique christmas experience.
Enjoy the full game with all the levels, not like those other Hidden Objects games that try to get you to buy more levels,

and best part NO ADS!


It's that time of year again. Time for family, presents, and joy. This year you might just find some hidden objects under the Christmas tree.



Gorgeous, Crisp Graphics of Christmas
30 Artistically-Crafted Levels
Find Objects by Picture, Silhouette, or Word
Timed Challenges, Hints, High Scores
Explore 6 Different Countries
Classic Christmas Music
Free Updates
Ad Free App

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