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Hidden Objects Riddles

Available for: iOS, Google, Amazon, PC, Mac

Introducing Hidden Objects Riddles


Hidden Objects Riddles combines the hunting fun of finding hidden treasures with the playfulness and brain-teasing quality of riddle clues.


Figure out the answer to the riddle in order to know which object to begin searching for! Scour through immersive locations to locate the hidden objects.


Realistic artistry brings each environment to life, making Hidden Objects Riddles a visual as well as a cerebral masterpiece.


Hidden Objects Riddles challenges your ability to pick out the hidden objects, but is also a great way to exercise some out of the box thinking and to stretch the limits of your grasp of vocabulary and imagination.



- Gorgeous Crisp Graphics

- 30 Artistically-Crafted Levels
- Find Objects by Solving Riddles
- Free Updates!
- Ad Free App!

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"Fun app good twist on traditional hidden object games..."

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