Ultimate Mini Golf 2
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Tap Tap Swim

Available for: iOS Devices, Google Play, Amazon

Introducing Tap Tap Swim

Try the all new Tap Tap Swim.
Tap on your device to make the fish swim. Avoid the obstacles, collect the stars to level up, and most importantly... beat your friends high score.

10 incredible achievements to make your fish look even cooler:
- Golden Fin (10 pts)
- King of the Ocean (20 pts)
- Golden Tail (30 pts)
- Gray Suite (40 pts)
- Rockstar Glasses (50 pts)
- Mohawk Hair (60 pts)
- Cool Shades (70 pts)
- Radioactive Fish (80 pts)
- BRONZE FISH (90 pts)
- GOLDEN FISH (100 pts)

2 game modes:

Easy avoid the shark.
- are you a beginner player? Do you like the fun without all the stress? Play easy mode!

Hard Avoid all fish.
- are you a PRO player? Do you like the real challenge? Play hard mode!


Have Fun!

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