iOS Refunds

iOS/Apple Refunds

Unfortunately, we are unable to give refunds directly since billing is all done through Apple. We have absolutely NO access to any billing or account information but you can request a refund from them. Please use the following instructions.

1. Click the following link:

2. Select "All Products and Services" from the left-most column.

3. Select "iTunes".

4. Select "iTunesStore".

5. In the next menu, select "Purchases, Billing and Redemption"

6. Select "Apple ID Account Billing"

7. In the drop down, specify your issue i.e., "In App Purchase Refund Request" and select your country in the drop down.

8. Click "Continue"

9. In the next menu, choose how you would like to continue your request with Apple.

An Apple Customer Support Representative should get in touch with you shortly, depending on what method you chose for follow-up.


To avoid unintended purchases in the future, you can disable In-App purchases. Although there are instructions somewhere on the Apple site for this, the following link is much more clear and provides easy to follow diagrams:


We often get support emails from parents who say they've entered the password on the device to approve one $1.99 purchase but when the iTunes receipt comes, the charges are much higher with multiple purchases being made in a short time period. The reason your child was able to continue making purchases on the device after you'd entered the password is because there is a 15-minute window where purchases can continue to be made without entering a password. Unfortunately this is an Apple design but you can change this in Settings:

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to General

3. Go to Restrictions

4. Tap “Enable Restrictions” (If you have Restrictions enabled, skip this step). You’ll be asked to enter a four-digit password – I suggest you write this down – and confirm it.

5. Scroll down to “Require Password”

6. Tap “Immediately” – this will require your password with every purchase.


PLEASE NOTE: The 15 minute window is reset each time a purchase is made within the window. For instance if your child makes a purchase at minute 14, right before the window closes, it will reset the window for another 15 minutes. Disabling this feature is the best way to avoid this issue.