Grade It Now is released

Grade it now is a revolutionary new app that can instantly grade any multiple choice assessment with between 2 and 6 answers. Grade It Now even grades standardized tests with alternating alphabet rows. Do you have multiple answers? Grade It Now can do that too! You also have the option to set a time limit. When the time is up, the app automatically submits students’ answers at that point. If you want to allow multiple attempts, this is also an option.


Algebra 1 Reveiw is Released

Algebra 1 Review Teacher Edition was designed to be used in conjunction with the Student Edition. Once registered, you will receive a teacher id, that you can give to your students to enter to join your class. Now all of their progress will be tracked instantly and sync with your device. We have designed this app to be super easy to use, and to save you time. Once in the app just click Grade Book to see a list of all students and all scores for all categories. From here you can click Email Scores to have all scores emailed to you, or click View Charts to see graphs and charts of the scores, giving multiple representations of the data. We have also included all questions from the Student Edition, so you know what your students are being quizzed over.